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Introducing TREC Ventures
by Nirav Bisarya
Founder & Managing Partner
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The world may not need another real estate investment group. However, we believe the world could use a little more intention when it comes to building more sustainable and affordable communities. And we believe it all starts at the beginning — the right type of capital from investors with a shared long term vision..

TREC Ventures was born out of a desire to do more than deliver great returns in the real estate space - that was always table stakes. We formed TREC to leverage our expertise with like-minded entrepreneurs working collectively to support purpose-driven projects — equitable housing, walkable neighborhoods and easy transit access. These shared values are the “active capital” that sets us apart from typical investors. By bringing together our traditional investment expertise with today’s emerging PropTech, TREC is well-poised to realize our mission to transform communities AND deliver desirable returns for all of our partners.

So how did this unique hybrid of tech-enabled real estate deals designed to create more livable communities come about? Founder and managing partner, Nirav Bisarya.

After cutting his teeth in the banking and consulting world, Bisarya joined his second generation, immigrant, family business, an electronics company working closely with the aerospace industry. Teaming up with his brothers and father, Bisarya set out to transform the traditional business into a forward-looking enterprise. One of the key themes was enabling cloud-based technology across the supply chain, engineering, sales and marketing. Over eight years, the business grew significantly, diversifying product capabilities and expanding operations across different geographic regions.

But like any ambitious entrepreneur coming up in the late 90s, Silicon Valley was calling, and Bisarya moved west to expand his operating experience with high growth B2B startups. It was early 2011 and the B2B sales and marketing tech landscape was in the early stages with as the only public SaaS company. Key B2B strategies such as flywheel business model, account based marketing, sales automation and challenger customer were all in their “infancy" with mostly other SaaS software companies as early adopters compared to traditional industries like Real Estate. Bisarya was fortunate to be part of two startups that were acquired but it was the learnings of how digital transformation of sales and marketing organizations across industries that Bisarya appreciated.

At the same time, Bisarya and his brothers were learning from other operators and turned investors on actively investing into alternative strategies. Bisarya and his family created Gen3 Ventures as a way to allocate capital to private investments. Bisarya used his startup operating knowledge to invest in emerging technologies. Now 10 years in, they have acquired a wealth of knowledge on investing in early stage startups, VC, PE, Hedge Funds, Real Estate to setting up fund operations and wealth management reporting.

As Bisarya reflected on his startup operating experience combined with his investment experience, he quickly realized the way things were headed — all businesses needed to think like tech businesses. Applying this mindset to the real estate industry, Bisarya founded TREC Ventures. And with headquarters in Berkeley, California, the mission to create more livable, sustainably focused communities became a natural North Star for the emerging firm.

For TREC, Bisarya brings together a group of partners and advisors who’s deep expertise in real estate and technology delivers only the most highly informed investment opportunities. Additionally, TREC has amassed an extensive network of investors, developers and entrepreneurs who provide access to some of their industries most innovative advancements.

Among the company’s early successes, TREC Ventures has raised several millions of capital for purpose-driven real estate projects — a LEED Platinum integrated living and wellness project in Portland and affordable, quality living for the Latino community in Southeast Los Angeles. Additionally, TREC partners have made investments in emerging real estate tech companies -- Makespace, a digital platform for on-demand self storage backed by 8VC and Upfront Ventures and, a smart electrical panel, backed by Munich RE, Wireframe Ventures and Amazon Alexa Fund and Chargelab - a open source OS for EV Charging technology, backed by Root Ventures and Construct Capital.

We look forward to expanding our network and delivering on our mission to build more community wealth. If you’d like to join our newsletter, please enter your email here.

Thank you.

Nirav Bisarya